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Serge GINGER is a Clinical Psychologist and an international Trainer in Psychotherapy.
He has worked, during several years (1974 - 1980),
as international Chief Expert for UNESCO, in the field of Special Education and Psychology.

He was trained in Psychodrama (since 1959), Psychoanalysis (since 1968), Gestalt Therapy
(since 1970) and EMDR (since 2003).

He is the founder, in 1980, (with his wife Anne Ginger) of the Paris School of Gestalt Therapy (École Parisienne de Gestalt, or EPG) – which is now one of the most important Training Institute for Psychotherapists in Europe (trained 1,400 psychotherapists in five years).

He has been elected Honorary President of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

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